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    888 Poker promoWhat are poker bonuses? 

    There’s no denying that the online poker market is a competitive business. Every poker site on the internet aims to attract prospective players by offering them an enticing, value for money bonus to join their site. The breadth of choice can be confusing so we here at Best Poker Bonus have taken the task of debunking any misconceptions surrounding the endless list of poker bonuses out there so picking the best one for you is a much simpler venture!

    There are a variety of factors that should be considered when searching for the best poker site bonus – for example, a bonus offering to match your first deposit may seem generous but it wholly depends on how much money you are preparing to start playing with. Some bonuses are easily unlocked, but end up being very small. On the other hand, some bonuses may seem huge but many hands of poker must be played and higher criteria must be fulfilled to successfully unlock it.

    Some sites will promise to match your initial deposit, up to several thousand dollars or pounds sterling, but you won’t be able to access this money straight away. Instead, you’ll have to generate a certain number of player points first. So basically, there’s no point in aiming to unlock a £1000 bonus if you know you’ll never play enough hands to even make a dent in the points criteria.

    Some bonuses are released in small amounts (possibly the equivalent of $10 at a time) and some are released as a lump sum payment when a player has earned a required amount of player points.

    Signing up for a poker site doesn’t necessarily lead to the bonus they’ve promised you. You often have to work for it. While it may be difficult to fully unlock a bonus, it’s not impossible and it’s most definitely worth it.

    If you only plan on being a casual, occasional online poker player, going for a site with a smaller bonus to £5 or £10 may work out as a better deal. You’ll get the cash immediately, and can use it while you try out the site.



    What kind of poker bonuses are there? 

    There are several main types of poker bonuses advertised by online poker sites:

    •  The Match Bonus

    Match bonuses are the most common bonuses offered by online poker sites – they equally match the amount of money you deposit, up until a certain quota (so, for example, depositing £100 will earn you another £100 into your account). Most sites will match 100% of your first deposit, others will offer to match 200% or some even higher. They’ll have a minimum and maximum amount of deposit players must pay into their account, like £10, or $10. For example, popular UK poker site, 888 Poker offers a match bonus of 100% up to the value of $400, or equivalent in pounds sterling. Match bonuses are not designed to be awarded instantly, and releasing them may require investing some time and effort into the site.

    • The Reload Bonus

    Some online poker sites offer a “reload” bonus, essentially a cash reward for a player who deposits more money into their account. Similar to the match bonus, players won’t receive the money instantly, but is released gradually by accumulating points and playing hands. Most gambling sites now offer Crypto Bonuses, so make sure and check for a List of Bitcoin casino bonuses when signing up at gambling sites.

    • The Instant Bonus

    Not many sites offer this, but it is an instant cash reward for new players once they sign up. This money is deposited directly into your online poker account, and is often a small increments of cash, like £5 or £10. 888 Poker for example, offers its new players £20 instantly when they sign up, to use on their site.



    What bonuses are offered by popular UK poker sites? 

    888 Poker – Many online poker players will unanimously agree that the best site for a new depositor poker bonus is 888 Poker. Not only does the site offer a competitive Match Bonus, it also offers an attractive Instant Bonus. The site offers £20 free to all new players, with no deposit necessary. To take advantage of this offer, all players have to do is verify their identity and email address when creating an account. The site also offers a Welcome Bonus of 100% up to $400, with an allocation of 90 days to clear the bonus.

    PokerStars, deposit being the most popular poker site on the internet, didn’t always have particularly impressive promotions for new players. It has however introduced a 100% first deposit bonus up to $600, allowing players to claim back their full first deposit as they play. They offer new players £20 worth of free play when they fund their PokerStars account with £10 or more – essentially free cash for PokerStars novices to improve their skills and enter tournaments. The £20 bonus can only be claimed in instalments, however, with the initial £10 being credited within 36 hours of your deposit, and the final £10 being credited 7 days after the first deposit is made.

    Party Poker offers new players £20 free with first deposit of £10, however the bonus package is not withdrawable until after players have earned 40 party points. The also offer a 2nd chance at a first bet, by allowing players to place their very first bet on PartyPoker (minimum of £5) and once it is settled and unsuccessful, they’ll give you a £5 or £10 Free Bet refund.

    Ladbrokes offers a first deposit bonus of 200% (right up up to £1,200). The matched bonus offer is released for every 170 Status points players earn, with $5 going straight into players’ accounts (for euros, players can expect a release rate of 240 points for €5, and for pounds sterling, the rate is higher again, with 275 points being required). Ladbrokes Status points are earned for every game and tournament played, and players have 90 days to release their full bonus balance after joining the site.

    William Hill have an almost identical promotion to their high street competitor Ladbrokes, with a 200% bonus up to £1,200 for new players joining the site.  For every 425 William Hill Points earned after players make their first deposit, WH will convert $5 of their bonus into cash to be claimed back.




    Sky Poker BonusHere’s a round up of some other bonuses offered by top UK poker sites for new players and first depositors:

    Full Tilt The site offers a 100% first deposit bonus up to the value of $600 for new players.

    Sky Poker£10 worth of tournament tokens to play with are instantly credited to new players once they start an account, to spend on the poker site.

    PKR This innovative 3D poker site offers a welcome bonus of 7 tournament tickets worth $10, as well as a 200% bonus up to $1,000 paid as you play.

    Unibet – New players can avail of a £10 free instant play without deposit and 100% bonus up to €200.